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We create emotional wearables so you can have healthier and happier relationships.

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Send and receive Real Touch™

Bond Touch

Send and receive touches

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Record, feel and share heartbeats

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Bond Touch on your Apple Watch

Over one million happy customers and counting 🥰

“I use my bond touch with my boyfriend who lives about 13-14 hours away. I don't see him often and it's nice to be able to communicate with our bracelets.”
— Kalina and her boyfriend
“It’s great to use them when we are far away or when we can’t send each other a message. Because when you love someone you want to keep them by your side 💙”
— Alejandra and Pablo
“Sometimes it’s difficult for me to reply to a text message but I am able to still tap my Bond Touch and reassure him that he is still in my thoughts.”
— Maria and her boyfriend

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